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El número nueve

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"I left home to find what I thought I was missing in life, and I found it. But I feel like I still have many things left to do, so we’ll see what it’s in store for me next. I’m looking forward to facing new challenges, and this time I’ll do so without fear, without worrying too much. I’ve been lucky enough to play in big clubs throughout my career, to win almost everything there is to win. And I have a family now. That’s the way I’ve chosen to live my life. I started a family when I was very young, and I’ve had a job that, while incredibly well-paid, it’s made me miss out on many life experiences that I would’ve loved to have. But fortunately, I’ll be done with my job while still young… I used to think that being thirty was old you know? I used to look at thirty year olds as old people! But now, being thirty myself, I see it in a different way. I feel very young, and I feel like there’s so many things left for me to do, and I hope I have time to do them all when I stop playing. I don’t know what will become of me. I don’t know if I’ll become a manager, or if I’ll be involved in football in any way. To me, football is nothing but a stage in my life, one of many, and when it’s over, a new one will begin. I don’t know if football will play a part in it, or if something else will. I don’t know. - Fernando Torres (x)

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